My name is Emma O'Halloran and I have been teaching for 26 years and for the last 20 years I have been at King David High school in Liverpool. In that time I have worked as a science teacher, head of biology and for the last eight years as assistant headteacher. I qualified as an examiner in A2 biology and pride myself on an outstanding reputation delivering both fun and interesting lessons. As the designated safeguarding lead I also have an enhanced DBS certificate.

Lockdown lessons and zoom lessons all day can be exhausting and my goal is that my involvement will help break this monotony and inspire your child to want to learn. 

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Simply Tuition

Tuition in action

1-1 and zoom sessions are available.

1-1 session encouraging independent thinking.

A-Level zoom session using a graphics tablet.

Pastoral consultation

In addition to tuition I am able to offer pastoral welfare consultation. This provides an independent view of where the young person is best suited to fulfil their academic potential. I have recently completed assessing a young person of primary school age regarding their welfare needs and what placement is suitable. I will also soon  be starting the assessment of a secondary age pupil after the school holidays. This is a unique role in Liverpool that uses the wealth of experience and knowledge I have accrued in my time in the profession.
Other roles that I have held over the last seven years  as a member of the leadership team include:
Designated Safeguarding Lead and introduction with the whole staff the use of CPOMs software.
Mental health first aider and lead on all mental health issues including YPAS liaison, CAMHS liaison and Mindfulness for all.
Attendance Lead working closely with the Educational welfare officer and office manager to support families that need it.
Family support worker liaison.
Pastoral and behaviour lead managing alternative provision, partnership with Alder hey school, developing a new pastoral system with school and developing the role of the behaviour manager.
Co-ordination of EHCP's and EHATs with the school SENDCO, often taking the lead on the EHATs Achievement and rewards lead alongside the school council to log awards using SIMs and organise termly and yearly school trips.
Antibullying ambassador with a select group of pupils.


Biology Tuition

KS3 Science


• The emphasis at KS3 is on gaining confidence as this is usually the main barrier to learning.
• The sessions will ensure knowledge and understanding are a priority.
• Exam style questions will be used each week. 
• Zoom or 1 to 1 lessons are available.
• Covid Safe

GCSE Biology


• The emphasis at GCSE is on securing knowledge and gaining confidence with exam technique.
• The sessions will ensure knowledge and understanding are a priority and that students can apply this information to exam questions.
• Exam questions using Exampro will be used each week and set as homework.
• Zoom or 1 to 1 lessons are available.
• Covid Safe



• The emphasis at AS & A2 level is on the application of knowledge to unknown situations effectively.
• The sessions will ensure knowledge and understanding continue to be a focus but the ability to apply this information in exam questions is paramount.
• Exam questions using Exampro will be used each week and set as homework.
• Zoom or 1 to 1 lessons are available.
• Covid Safe  


Discounts are available for block bookings and two-three pupils at once maximum.

What do parents think?


"Emma has helped XXXXX gain so much confidence."
"Our son really enjoys the sessions even after a full day of school zooms"
"The focus on exam technique at A-level has made such a difference."

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Pastoral consultation

Prices are available on request depending on your needs in this area.